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Can't Find a Girlfriend? Get a New Girlfriend! Consider a Transsexual! Read This & Learn.

Can't find a girlfriend? Want a new girlfriend? Get a girlfriend! Consider a transsexual woman. What is that, you ask? Spend five minutes of your time reading this and see for yourself. Learn. The new girlfriend you find may be an improvement on what you're accustomed to!


If you are a single man looking to find a new girlfriend of quality, there are some options out there that you may not have previously considered but should. Your first reaction might be to say “that‘s not for me,” but hear me out.

If you're looking to get a girlfriend, one type of female you might have not previously considered is the transsexual woman. Your first reaction might be confusion and that‘s normal, but think about it. What makes a woman?

Can't find a girlfriend? Get a girlfriend! Consider a TS woman.Some men want the new girlfriend to be TS

Many men have told me they actually prefer to date transsexual females because they are very feminine, sexy, pretty and they seem to relate to them better. Their strength of character for what they have to face makes them incredible women. They aren't some horrific vision of a man in drag. They are women, soft and lovely and worth a second look as you search for a new girlfriend.

Read what one man had to say about his transsexual girlfriend:

"When I was looking to get a girlfriend, I searched online and met an attractive transsexual woman. My post-op TS girlfriend and I have been together for over four years. We began dating before she has sex reassignment surgery. Among the things that impressed me are her hand gestures and walk. A transsexual isn't a guy in a dress. She isn't acting when she walks like a born female or gestures with her hands. She's not playing female. She was playing male -- acting -- when she lived as a man. With that burden of role-play lifted, her feminine qualities came to the surface. She walks, talks and gestures like any genetic woman you have ever met. And none of it is artificial or forced. It's not an act."

Find a girlfriend who is TS, it can mean great sex

Some guys have even gone so far as to tell me that the physical experience is beyond anything they could have hoped for. Like any relationship, intimate issues should be discussed privately between the two people. What’s right for one may not be right for another. When it comes to sexual chemistry, like any other relationship, it depends on what feels right for the both of you. Some couples are very interested in initiating all options, some take it slower. Do what’s right for you. We want to be seen simply as women, no different than any other. That’s how we like to be treated.

Masculine is attracted to feminine. Transsexual women are the same as genetic females except they are girls who were born into a body that is not right for them. Some girls just need to take a few more steps to achieve their natural feminine selves. Genetic females have XX chromosomes. Males have XY. Some inter-sexed people can have a mix of these. Genetic females produce only 10% of the testosterone males do. Testosterone is what fuels the sex drive in both men and women. Transsexuals have more testosterone than genetic females.

Get a girlfriend but be patient with the process

Changing one's body to match one's mind can be an extended process. Remember, many of these ladies are battling some difficult physical characteristics and are going to great lengths to make these changes. Usually beginning with hormone replacement which can soften the skin, reshape and feminize the body. Some (not all) T-girls find that they must work on feminizing and softening the sound of their voice. Some girls require electrolysis to remove unwanted facial and body hair which is a most painful procedure. Depending on the result of hormones (some, not all girls) perhaps may opt for breast implants, then finally sex reassignment surgery to create a functional vagina. Some opt not to have SRS. Her goal is to complete her transition and live her life as a normal woman. Again understand it’s who she is, not the sum of her physical parts.

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Trans girls are battling a mistake in nature to become what they were supposed to be. Many of them consider it a birth defect. It’s difficult to for them to find acceptance. Imagine waking up one day in the wrong skin and not being able to see yourself in the mirror as you see yourself inside. Many TS ladies live “steath” meaning no one around them -- socially or at work -- knows of their personal situation and medical history.

For some men, being attracted to a TS female can cause a little anxiety. Don’t let mis-information, ego and fear make you pass up the opportunity to get a great new girlfriend. Check it out. You very possibly could find a hidden treasure who just might be the love of your life.

The find a girlfriend FAQ:

1. If I get a girlfriend who is TS, does that make me gay?

No. This is not a gay issue. A transsexual woman is a girl.

2. What do they look like?

Remember it’s about the quality of the girl as a person. Appearance and feminization can depend on how far along they are in their transition. Their goal is to blend in undetected and live like a normal woman.

3. I’m not sure I know how to handle being with a transsexual physically. What should I


Take it at your own pace. A person is not the sum of their body parts. Some TS girls are pre-op (before having Sex Reassignment Surgery), some are post-op (after SRS), and some are non-op (don‘t plan on ever having SRS). You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to but if you do, she’s the girl and you’re the guy regardless of what happens in bed. It’s that simple. Most girls are comfortable in the traditional female role.

4. I’m nervous. How do I go about it?

Don’t be nervous. Simply approach her in person, in chat or email her like you would any other woman. Talk to her about your concerns, she will understand. Be respectful and decent. Do not ask her for multiple photos or discuss sex with her on initial contact. You will come off like a pervert and will get rejected. Also don’t be fanatical or an admirer. It’s creepy. Just be yourself and have a normal conversation as if you met at a party or cocktail lounge.

5. What if my friends or family find out? Do I need to keep this secret?

When you find a girlfriend, what you do with that new girlfriend is your business. No one need know anything. I personally was in a relationship with a guy for several years. I was best friends with his sister and close with his family and to this day, none of them know of my past. Keep things to yourself. It's your new girlfriend's choice who she decides to tell.

Also read the other articles at this website then go get a girlfriend. The menu is below. We do have a very popular (and well-guarded) free TS chatroom you can visit. Good luck to you. We would like to hear whether you pursue this option to finding a girlfriend, and know what happens! Use the email link below to communicate with us.

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