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Advice to men seeking long-term relationships with transsexual women, who would like their letters to be posted here: Transsexual women who read this page are looking for information. Reveal a great deal about yourself and be very sincere. Why do you want a LTR dating relationship with a TS? Have you ever been with a TS before? Have you been married before, have children? What is your profession? Provide age, description and personal interests. It is unlikely you can provide too much information.

Subj: Seeking long-term relationship
Date: 7/30/2003 2:21:58 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: KRehmertX2@aol.com
To: tsgirlfriend4me@aol.com

My name is Kurt,

I'm a big 'ol teddy bear who is 46 years old. I am 5'10" tall with salt and pepper hair. I live on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, near Baltimore. I do computer graphics so I use both sides of my brain a lot. When I see a beautiful lady walking down the street, I see art. I love to laugh, and just talk, and I have a lot of hobbies. They include history, music, reading, art, and movies, to name a few.

I will be honest, I'm an amputee, but other people have a problem with that, I don't. I love a lady in silk, to me that is perfection in an imperfect world. I treat a lady like a lady, as they should be. I have old-fashioned values when it comes to how a lady should be treated and I always try to be a gentleman.

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I'm looking for more than just sex, a lady to romance, dine, then explore each other. I also love to just cuddle, to hold someone special and look into her eyes, and I am very passionate, too. I was always attracted to transgender ladies, and in my mind that was forbidden, but that's not true anymore. I had been swimming in that great Egyptian river, De Nile! I accept people for who they are inside.

I gave my ex-wife everything in the divorce, so I'm starting all over again, but trust me I've done that more than once, and now I have my soul back. I have three of the most beautiful and wonderful children on earth, and they visit periodically. Right now, I am taking care of my 83-year-old mother since my father died, she lives in the main house and I live in the cottage. This cottage is sort of my sanctuary. I am looking for a pre-op or post-op transsexual woman who I can share my world with and she can share hers with me. I've lived a unique life so far and I don't plan to stop doing that anytime soon. If you want, I will send you a picture of me.


Subj: (no subject)
Date: 7/3/2003 8:02:31 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: Miguel4412@aol.com
To: TSgirlfriend4me@aol.com

My name is Miguel and I am in law enforcement in northwest Florida, and am also retired from the military. I am 51 years old and stand 6 feet tall. I weigh 190 pounds with dark hair and eyes. I am divorced and looking.

A few years ago, I happened to meet a TS and by chance we ended up at her house. I had never been with anyone other than women at this time and men were not a turn-on for me. However, after kissing her for awhile and after some heavy petting, I found out that she was a TS. She thought I would get mad, and to be honest, so did I. However, I didn't leave and it was one of the most passionate times of my life. I have never gotten that experience out of my mind, and I have decided that I want a relationship with a TS. I have not been able to meet one since that time and I don't know where to go. I don't go to bars often and it's hard to meet someone when you don't know where to look. I finally found this site and it's been great.

I know that, somewhere out there, there is a TS that wants to be cared for and loved. Someone who wants to share their life with one person. Life is hard enough without being alone. I will understand if they want to take it slow. In the world today you have to be very careful.

If anyone is interested in a long-term relationship, please write me.



Subj: Seeking a long term relationship
Date: 6/23/2003 12:32:08 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From: raymalak@pacifier.com
To: TSgirlfriend4me@aol.com

Hi! I am a white male, 42, in the Portland, Oregon, area. I stand 5 feet 9 inches tall, 180 pounds with brown hair and eyes. I am divorced since October of 2002. I have not even gone out on a date yet, but I am definitely over my last relationship and ready to begin a new one. I am seeking a long-term relationship and I would like to be included on your men seeking TS Girlfriends page.

I am a financially secure man who loves romance and traveling. I have a lot to offer, and I will send you a picture upon request. I am really tired of being alone, and I am looking forward to meeting someone who is tired of being alone as well. Please, only respond if you are sincere about looking for a relationship. My heart is yours if you are interested, and we hit it off. I hope to hear from someone soon!

Sweet dreams!


Subj: tsgirlfriend4me website
Date: 6/14/2003 9:40:47 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From: RayInEFla@aol.com
To: tsgirlfriend4me@aol.com


Since you run this website, I guess I'm unloading my frustration on you. I am one of those rare males who is genuinely interested in finding a TS woman for dating. A long-term relationship is possible if the chemistry is right.

I have tried just about every method I know to find a TS interested in dating. I am ALWAYS polite and respectful, ALWAYS honest and straightforward. I NEVER manipulate conversations to a sexual nature. I send pictures when they ask. I get polite responses and even months-long email exchanges, but cannot get anyone to even meet one time for coffee.

I know they are looking for guys who will treat them as women, well, that's me. If they would only give me a chance!

I don't understand it. I intuitively understand that TS girls are skittish. But after weeks of email exchange and online chatting, I guess they still don't trust me even though I let them choose the time and place for any get-acquainted meeting. I don't even push for the meeting. Usually, I mention in my second letter to them that I am patient, so if it takes months for them to be comfortable enough for a meeting, I am quite willing to wait. I never mention it again, hoping that time will ease their fears about meeting someday.


For what it's worth, I have had four relationships with GG's since my divorce, and every one of them would have married me or lived with me as significant others had I asked them, so I must have something going for me. I'm a fairly nice looking guy, especially for my age. I'm clean and neat. I'm rather intelligent and make good conversation. I make people laugh. I'm gainfully employed, fiscally sound and self-sufficient. And real.

What am I missing? What am I doing wrong?

--Ray, frustrated, in Florida.

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