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By-MichaelTSG & Katie

Our TGirls Letters section is devoted to feedback we receive. The most recent letters appear at the top of each page for each month.

These TGirl Letters cover everything. Both men and transsexual women write in to us, and we publish their correspondence (sometimes we have to polish the spelling and punctuation a bit). We have received a large volume of heartfelt emails. Men visiting this site need to read every letter. Doing so will deepen your understanding of male-to-female transsexuals. Handle yourself properly, guys, and you could find yourself on a date with a really great girl.


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- Revelations -

"Your website has cleared up what I have long found confusing about my attraction, as a straight male, to TS women. It is the intense femininity that attracts me, a deep femaleness that many genetic women don't value in themselves as much as those do who have had to fight for it.... But now I understand my continued interest. I want to be with a woman who, no matter how she became a woman, doesn't give up being one in a relationship.... I am attracted to women who share my interests and sense of humor, of course. But I'm also attracted to the leg, the glance, the flirt, the smile, the high heel, the girlish romp that makes up the wonder of femininity," says M. in the February, 2003, TGirl Letters.

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