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Transsexual Girls & This TS Website:
A History of TSGirlfriend.com.

By- MichaelTSG & Katie

I've been asked many times how I came to create this TS website. Here is the story. The truth. Really.

I used to hang out in the TS chatrooms on AOL, and I picked up on the exasperation of the transsexual girls there as they explained, time after time, the basics of what it means to be a transsexual girl, what they are really like as opposed to the porn biz image, and how to treat such a woman.

Transsexual girls I knew in real life suffered the same problem. Guys would ask lame questions like, "How am I supposed to treat a transsexual girl?" They don't mean anything negative by that question. They just want to know. After all, genetic girls and transsexual girls have different origins. Should they be treated the same, or differently in some way?

I asked that question myself. The transsexual girl I asked it of was, you got it, miffed at my ignorance, but what she said turned on the light bulb of comprehension in my thick skull.

"You treat a transsexual girl the same way you treat any other girl," she said.

Ah! Yes, that makes sense, I thought to myself. No wonder these girls get ticked off. Time after time, it's explanation after explanation to an endless line of men who don't know any better.

Once I became aware that explaining this stuff is an issue, it occurred to me that I could write something that they could pass out that would explain the basics. That would save these transsexual girls a lot of time and trouble. I've got a long history as a writer and editor. I knew I could throw something together.

So I sat down at the keyboard and began writing. I asked some questions of transsexual girls I knew, to fill in some blank spots, and when the first draft was ready, I emailed it to them. The feedback was positive and they gave me a few other ideas to include.

I titled it, "How to Date a Pre-Op Transsexual Woman." When I got it into final form -- the "original creation date" was January 8, 2003 -- I began emailing it to the transsexual girls who hung out in the AOL chatrooms, with instructions to email this to guys who need to learn the basics. The response was instantaneous and very positive, which was a pretty great feeling. The girls began immediately sending it to guys who hit on them.

My email address was on the original document, and I asked for feedback. The next day, I heard from transsexual girls from all over the USA, plus the Philippines, Japan, Europe, the UK and Canada. Within 24 short hours, my article was all over the world, and it was being put to good use. Everywhere, transsexual girls were sending it to guys, and it was already saving them a lot of time. As you can see, they were also sending it to other TS's they knew.

After all, that was the idea. To save them time and effort.

My job was done, I believed.

Then I heard from the rumor mill that "No man could have written this."


Baloney, I thought.

Then I began hearing that some transsexual girl somewhere was taking credit for writing it. That, frankly, pissed me off. I've been a writer and editor for a good long time, and it really bothered me to find someone else taking credit for my hard work. When you create something, it's yours. It's a product of your imagination, creativity and effort.

But how could I fix that problem? I wrote it, it's mine, I didn't want there to be any doubt that I wrote it. Yeah, I know, I'm possessive of my work.

The idea occurred to me that I ought to create a TS website, a single page, actually, and park the article there for all to see. In February, 2003, I reserved the domain name, tsgirlfriend.com, made the webpage and hired a web hosting company to put it on the Internet. How did I come up with the TSGirlfriend name? Hey, I had (at the time) a TS girlfriend. Easy. Plus, the name suggests romance, a relationship.

I emailed the site URL to a lot of transsexual girls along with the advisory that they could put up a link on their own webpage so visitors could go there and learn. It would be easier than emailing an article.

It wasn't long before there were a lot of links pointing to my little site. A lot of men were following those links to my TS website to get an education.

A cool graphic would be a good thing, I thought. The animated graphic on this page originally adorned the homepage. It began as a crossdresser image and I don't recall where I found it. A friend of mine took apart the animation slices and added breasts, which gave it a more transsexual character. In a matter of some seconds, the person evolves from naked male to pre-op TS in the appropriate clothing. Not everyone shared my concept of a cool graphic, however. I got a lot of complaints, so I took it down and replaced it with a different image. Now the naughty graphic is back up for historical reasons. Please, no complaints. LOL. Like it or not, it's part of this site's early history.

A few weeks went by. That solitary webpage was looking sort of lonely. I thought I'd add a TS chatroom. I found a free chat service. All I had to do was put some Javascript code on an html page, and bingo! In March, 2003, we had a chatroom…but almost nobody came to it. I thought it was probably the right thing to do, but adding a chatroom was just an afterthought. I had about zero expectations for it.

After a while, I heard that a transsexual girl named Marie I knew from AOL was hanging out there for hours every day, trying to engage the very few visitors in conversation to keep them in the room. People won't stick around for long in an empty room. She actively talked to people to get them to stay

In April, Alison began hanging out in the room. In May, Chloe showed up (both of them are senior Room Monitors now.) The population slowly grew. Five in the room at one time was a crowd. Hahahaha. Things soon began growing more quickly. The transsexual girls who came to the room did what they could to discourage the usual kind of chatroom idiots from bothering folks.

I began posting emails received in our now-voluminous Letters to TSG section. One month's worth of emails per page.

I still wasn't hanging out much in the room, but I began hearing that some guys were being pests. The room population was picking up, and so I spent some money to upgrade the chatroom to a version with tools that could kick and ban the undesirables. I appointed a few room regulars, including Marie, Alison and Chloe, as guardians. I called them "Room Monitors."

I drew up some Room Rules. A code of behavior. Who can't come here (hookers and porn actors -- I had had my fill of them in AOL chats, all they do is ruin chatrooms.) What you can and should do. What you can't do, and posted this info on the chatroom page. I designed the Room Rules to force people to be patient and civil, to protect the quality of chat and to protect the girls from harassment.

The idea was this: If you get rid of the hookers, combative people and sex-hunting males, and you prohibit the usual chatroom inanity ("any1 in philly?"), you create conditions that enable more thoughtful chat. Quality chat leads to friendships, and some of those friendships can evolve into romantic relationships. At the time I'm writing this (April, 2006), 20 romantic relationships have begun in the TSG chatroom, and three of those resulted in marriage. Bear in mind, this total does not include relationships that began over at the MSN group we had for some two years (and which is now closed), nor does it include any over at our TS Dating site (which replaced the MSN group.)

Time went by. I had reports of pesky bad boys during chatroom hours when no one was on duty to protect the place. I began taking the chatroom offline when no RMs were available to protect the place. And I began appointing more RMs. Eventually we had barely enough to cover the place around the clock.

Many relationships have begun in our free transsexual chat. This is the best, most popular free transsexual dating and relationship chat in the world. Check it out today!

Join our mailing list! We will not spam you, no worries.

The word got out to lots of transsexual girls: This chatroom was protected at all times. That brought in more girls, and with the girls came the guys. I focused on recruiting more Room Monitors. It was clear it would take a lot of people to keep this place well protected at all times. I began sticking around more, since managing this place was becoming a serious task. Even these days, but rarely, it happens that all the RMs leave and nobody is present to guard the place on the USA overnight shift. When that happens, the Room Monitors close the room. However it is seldom closed for long. All RMs have the power to open the room. The idea is: This chatroom will be protected every minute of every day. If it is not, it will be closed.

I began adding icons that people could post in the chatroom by typing a code or by clicking the icon from a list. I did the same with sound files. These additions personalized the chat and made it more fun. Alissa, a Canadian member we had at the time, volunteered to make up a good number of custom-designed smiley faces and they were a big hit with the members. At the time of this writing, we have approximately 570 picture icons and nearly 200 sound files.

We began turning member photos into face pic icons that could be posted in chat. I also took the liberty of assigning graphical icons to members, the idea being that they symbolize that person. Not by my own choosing, my icon became Capt. Crunch, Steve-mt's is a picture of a mountain (he's in Montana), Girl-in-Ks (who I call "Gink") has a pic of Dorothy and Toto from the Wizard of Oz, and MandyColorado (who posts a lot of jokes in chat) has a microphone for an icon. Why? Because every stand-up comedian needs a mic.

In early 2004, very late one Saturday night, I came into the room. There was only a handful present, including Alison and Chloe. Both of them immediately private messaged me. A transsexual girl we all knew had overdosed on sleeping pills in a suicide attempt. She had quit chatting and her name was in the room, and silent. Oh my god….

I ordered everyone else out of the room. Some refused to go, so I kicked them out. We went into emergency rescue mode. We divided up responsibilities. We had to find out the girl's last name, address, phone number, anything we could to effect a rescue. The three of us worked frantically to get the info necessary. Each passing moment was of critical importance. We discovered her email address was on a corporate account, which led to her business website, which led to names and phone numbers of others in that business.

Through some good luck and good research, we identified two people in her city with the same first and last name. We got one of them on the phone and she wasn't in the process of killing herself, so it had to be the other one. One of that transsexual girl's coworkers was finally contacted via info on the business website, which led to a residential address. We contacted the emergency response people in that city with all the info we had. "Who are you?" they wanted to know. We told them that we know her from a chatroom, and they seemed a bit skeptical about the accuracy of our info (after all, how many liars have you met in chatrooms?), but they did dispatch the emergency medical techs and the fire department….

When they got in her house, they found her unconscious on the kitchen floor. Later, when she woke up in the hospital, they told her she was "99% gone" when the rescue guys arrived.

"I think about that 1% a lot," that transsexual girl later told me. We kept the rescue under our hats, since we did not wish to embarrass her in the room. But word got out when she revealed the story. She told the room that she tried to kill herself and that people from the TSG chatroom were instrumental in saving her life.

I received a call from that coworker we reached. She was profusely thankful to all involved for the effort involved in saving her life.

It proved to be the first of several suicide rescues coordinated through our chatroom in the years since then. For real. There have been several. That is some seriously scary stuff. You never know if you're going to get help to those people in time.

In 2004, one of our early members named Daine set up an MSN group under the auspices of TSGirlfriend where people could make photo albums and post personal profiles. We called it our Profiles group, and it is briefly discussed below.

In 2004, several transsexual girls began complaining about crossdressers and "drag queens" in the chatroom, because they didn't like that they were talking about dressing up. They also didn't want CD's listed on a new transsexual relationship page I had set up, and CD's listed on the Profiles group. These angry folks threatened to walk off and create a competitor to our site if I didn't get rid of them.

I really hadn't been aware there was conflict between the CD crowd and the transsexual girls, but it turned out that guys in dresses and heels were a source of irritation among the TS crowd. Their point was crossdressing is a fetish while being transsexual is being in the wrong body. I called a meeting on the subject to discuss it. We decided to prohibit "typical crossdresser topics" in the chatroom and prohibit them from the relationship listings and the Profiles group. After all, our core audience is the transsexual girl, not the guy who wants to play dress up.

Insofar as the "drag queens" allegation was concerned, I still don't know what the hell they were talking about. What drag queens? LOL. I never saw any.

Though the matter was addressed, a few dozen chatroom members bolted and created a rival chatroom, one that was set up along the lines of ours. Over the course of the following weeks, we discovered that many who left us in that fracas came drifting back. It seems that the only reason for being for that other chatroom is the fact it is "not us," and that's hardly enough to justify one's existence. Also, they said, it quickly became no fun, unlike ours. Eventually it closed.

Even those transsexual girls who led the revolt came back, briefly. You know from your own experience that some people are inherently angry and unstable. Those who led the revolt and returned eventually got in trouble either with me or other Room Monitors. They were either banned from the room or left of their own free will. One in particular continues to foam at the mouth even to this day. It's sad.

A chatroom member named Janetb created a mailing list program for us that presently has several thousand emails stored, which we can use to notify people of upcoming events.

I continued to add new Room Monitors. I set up some instructions on how they were to handle their volunteer jobs in order to assure the rules were applied fairly, but this wasn't enough. With so many being added to the RM ranks, it was necessary to undertake a training program to better assure these folks were doing the job properly. So, with each new appointment came some hands-on training with me. This proved to be a good idea. It helped assure the RMs were all doing the same thing the same way. More or less.

Eventually I worked up a training curriculum, a question-answer test about common situations that develop in the room and how to handle them. It was designed to impart a clear understanding of procedures and to bring to the RMs a better understanding of what is and is not allowed, and how to handle complete jerks that visit us.

In 2005, I appointed a few Executive Room Monitors, people who impressed me with their maturity, sense of fairness, calm temperament under stress and deep understanding of the Room Rules and RM Instructions. I told them they are to stand in for me if, for example, a chatroom fight develops between regular RMs when I am not present to handle it.

At one point I provided the RM training curriculum to the ERMs, showed them how to do the training, and let them handle it. That opened up a lot of free time for me. Training everybody sapped me of several hours of time each week.

This chatroom is quite a point of pride for me and many others. It is, with no doubt, the best-protected chatroom for transsexual girls, and men who like them, on the planet. Our chatroom gets several thousand hits a week, and managing it is a very demanding task. It takes up an inordinate amount of my time, even with the help of several dozen Room Monitors and ERMs.

I would like to express my profound thanks and gratitude to the RMs and ERMs who so selflessly donate so much of their time and energy to fulfilling the mission of protecting this chatroom. If it weren't for these fine people, TSG Chat would be just another sleazy joint full of prostitutes and drooling, sex-hungry men. No, it ain't perfect. But it's pretty damn good. To those who enjoy our chatroom, bear in mind the only reason you enjoy it is because of those people in bold type in the names list. You owe them bigtime. Say "thank you" to the Room Monitors. They are very important people.

When an idea occurred to us about a new article about transsexual girls and dating or relationships, someone would write it up and I'd post it. We have become very well known for our dating and relationship content. The primary goal became to educate men with an eye toward encouraging and facilitating romantic relationships with transsexual girls.

TSGirlfriend's significance in the transsexual community continues to increase, not only because of our growing content and popular chatroom, but also because of its top-ranked presence on the search engines for a wide variety of transsexual-related keyword phrases. When someone does a Google search for "transsexual woman," for instance, one of this site's pages is ranked very high up on the first page of search results.

Sometimes I get asked why I put so much sustained and concentrated effort into the TSG chatroom. There is an answer to that, and it goes beyond just trying to help out the girls. As time went by, it became apparent that this chatroom is incredibly important to a lot of people. It provides a social anchor for many. It serves to keep some girls sane in a world that doesn't understand them. As you know from earlier, it's literally saved lives. I've heard a few times that some who were considering suicide overcame that urge when they found friends and support in this chatroom. When you hear things like that, you can't blow it off and walk away. Lives are at stake here. There is too much riding on this simple little chatroom. As a consequence, a lot of people put an enormous amount of effort into maintaining its quality.

In early 2006, Kazumi and Ravengirl1960 established a bulletin board they called the TSGirlfriend Forum and presented it to me in finished form as another adjunct to the main TSGirlfriend site. I checked it out and we struck an agreement, and it's now part of this operation and adding new members every day.

Also in early 2006, we got a warning from MSN regarding our Profiles group. Apparently they were upset over the fact that "someone's" (I don't recall whose) email address was listed; they threatened to shut down the group. I guess they got a complaint about it. Of course that person's email address was listed. It's a relationship group. There were about 7,000 email addresses listed. That hostile, nonsensical communication from MSN, plus the fact the group was limited to only 300 pages, made me realize we needed to migrate to a better system.

Joey_20_Asheville and Kazumi volunteered to locate suitable software to host individual profiles and that would also work as a dating site. They sorted through a lot of programs and found a free program they liked. They did not know how to set it up, so I posted an announcement on the TSG chatroom page seeking someone who could do the MySQL programming. Country_Girl_AK (Kris) answered the ad, talked to Joey and Kazumi about the vision they had for the new dating site, and volunteered to set it up. I already had control of the tsmatch.com domain (a gift from Dianne_CO). I couldn't think of a better domain name than the one she gave me, so we put it to work. I bought hosting for the new site, and I personally pay that bill each month out of my own pocket.

It took a lot of coding work to adapt the software. Kris discovered that the site used some odd language or method of assembly and had to order a special book to figure it out. Once the TSMatch.com site was up and running, we stopped accepting new members at the MSN group. We mass emailed all 7,000 members there and told them about the new site. We have since closed out the MSN group altogether. The new dating site is, like TSG's chatroom and other features, a free service for the benefit of the transsexual community.

TSMatch.com is operated by Kris, Joey and Kazumi. Kazumi handles the membership applications and helps with site maintenance. Kris is the programmer and handles most technical issues. She's the one who handled the changeover of the site from Globat Hosting to Verio in February, 2007, when the first outfit proved to not meet our requirements for hosting after a test lasting several months. Joey handles communications, fielding emails from members and answering their questions. As of March, 2007, the site has about 1,500 members, and so far one marriage has resulted. Way cool, huh? Kazumi announced a site redesign, which went online in early March, 2007, also.

TSMatch.com takes a hell of a lot of time to run. I would like to express my thanks to Kris, Kazumi and Joey for their dedication and exceptional effort. Expect many more great things from TSMatch.com!

Ravengirl1960 (Leslie) had an idea about making a cookbook featuring recipes from the TSG members. She went about soliciting cooking ideas from everyone, and they poured in. Even my girlfriend contributed some recipes. Leslie edited them and crafted an actual cookbook, which she titled, "Cooking to a T." Clever title, eh? She found some public-domain cook-in-the-kitchen artwork for the front cover, and published it. She was selling the cookbook, as well as other branded items, such as coffee mugs, coasters and aprons, via Cafe Press. During the time we sold the cookbook, its profits come back to me to help cover the costs of running all this stuff.

On May 6, 2007, at a general membership meeting called on fairly short notice, the notion of requiring chatters to register before being allowed into the room was debated. We had experimented with this idea for one day some days previously and discovered it cut down on the number of trolls coming into the room. Apparently, the usual chatroom idiots really didn't care to have to go through the simple self-signup procedure, which does involve providing an email address and clicking a validation link that gets emailed once the visitor fills out the registration form. A majority of members present voted for the registration system to be adopted permanently. In the time since then, there have been fewer chat idiots to eject, which also means fewer conversation interruptions by Room Monitors having to whack somebody.

It is to the transsexual girls, a lot of great guys, and the prospect of a satisfactory love life between them, that I dedicate the TSGirlfriend.com and TSMatch.com websites. I would like to say thank you to all who have donated their time and talent, and even money, to making them work. I would like to thank those who found our MSN Profiles group, Forum board, and TSMatch.com, and made them worthy of joining. To those who are just chatroom members, thanks to you, too. Because of your presence, the place is a little more fun. It is all of you who help keep this place going. Your faith in what we are trying to achieve helps me keep going.

It's been a huge adventure for me personally and I look forward to much more.

As of May 2015 Michael has retired from the website and passed the torch to Katie.
Katie takes over as new owner of the website and chat room.

Thank you Michael for all your hard work. You will be missed.

I reserve all publication rights on this article, but feel free to forward it to anyone you like. Copyright 2006, all publication rights reserved.

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