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Transsexual & Transgender Glossary.

By- Katie

Admirer: A person who is interested in transsexuals, for one reason or another. A troublesome word because some men say they "admire" TS women in a sexual way and use it as a way to advertise their perverted sexual interests. Some TS women see a man calling himself an "admirer" and assume he's looking for sex. (See "Curious," "Cruiser," and "Troll.")

Adventure: The pervert's euphemism for cheap, tawdry sex; a brief sexual encounter, often lasting only an hour or two; a favorite come-on word of Internet predators.

Aldactone: Also called Spironolactone. A diuretic given to MTF transsexuals to reduce the effects of testosterone on the body and thus enhance the effects of estrogen. (See "Estrogen," "Hormones," "HRT," "MTF," "Spironolactone," and "Testosterone.")

Asexual: Lacking or without sex. (1) A person who has little or no libido, and hence, not much interest in sexual intercourse. (2) In biology, an organism that either lacks sexual organs or reproduces without sex.

Basher: (1) One who verbally or physically assaults a gay or TG person with the intent of causing harm, pain and suffering. (2) Someone who attacks another in a chatroom with the intent of defaming, insulting or offending.

BDSM: Short for Bondage-Discipline (or Domination)-Sadomasochism. Sex games involving tying someone up, humiliating them, beating or being beaten for the sake of sexual arousal or gratification. (See "Pony Girl" and "Sissy Boy.")

Benjamin, Harry: A German sexologist and physician who was one of the pioneer researchers in the study of transsexuality and the proper treatment oftransgender people.

Benjamin Standards: Also known as the Harry Benjamin Standards of Care, or "SOC." (1) The standard of care for transgender and transsexual people. (2) The minimum standards required before Sex Reassignment Surgery can be performed, including psychotherapy, hormone treatment, real-time living (RTL), among others. All reputable psychologists, therapists, psychiatrists, physicians and surgeons follow these guidelines. (See "RTL," "SOC" and "Transition.") (Note -- The Benjamin Standards are not absolute. Some people may be ready to transition with the minimum time required, others may take significantly longer. Those who fail to meet the requirements may be denied Sex Reassignment Surgery.) (See "SRS.")

Bisexual: A person who has sexual relations with both people of his or her own sex, and the opposite sex.

Bi-Curious: A man who claims to be "straight" heterosexual, but wants to indulge in the bisexual lifestyle and/or to indulge in homosexual sex. (See "Curious.")

B.O.B.: Battery Operated Boyfriend. (See "H.M.W." and "Vibrator.")

Broadcasting: Making an announcement to everyone in the chatroom. Considered a violation of the Room Rules if it is of a trolling nature, i.e., asking for someone to engage in a private chat, announcing personal info such as age and location without being asked for it, or asking the same of everyone in the room at once. (See "Trolling," "Troll," "Room Rules," "Snert.")

Cam: A small television camera hooked to one's computer that broadcasts images over the Internet. (See "Web Cam.")

Cisgender: A word that applies to the vast majority of people, describing a person who is not transgender.

Clocked: Recognized as a transsexual by someone, especially if the person makes a point of telling others. Refers to "read like a clock," as in "reading the time on the clock." (See "Outed.")

Coming Out: Admitting to oneself and the world that a person is transsexual and is planning on doing something about it. Derives from the gay community's phrase, "Come out of the closet;" i.e., to stop hiding and admit to the world that one is gay.

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Conn: Derives from the naval term for the officer in charge of the "conning tower" of a submarine during a watch. At the TSG Chat, it refers to the Room Monitor in charge of the room. The RM with the conn has the primary responsibility for greeting newcomers and maintaining order. Any problems should be reported to the RM with the conn, and corrective action should be left to the conn. Also sometimes labeled with "RMIC" or similar a suffix. (See ERM, RM and RMIC.)

Cross-Dresser: A person who habitually wears the clothes of the opposite sex -- a man who wears feminine clothes or a woman who dresses as a man -- most of the time. Not to be confused with a transsexual or a transvestite. (See "Transsexual" and "Transvestite.")

Cruiser: A person who visits chatrooms with the intent of finding sex, sexual partners and victims. (See "Snert" and "Troll.")

Curious: Like "admirer," a troublesome word. Some people who know nothing of transsexuality come to the room genuinely looking for information. Most of the time, though, "curious" is a code word for a man who wants to experiment with homosexual sex. He figures a transsexual woman is the best bet because (1) She looks enough like a woman that no one will notice what he's up to, and (2) Having been born anatomically male, she should "know how to please a man" better than a genetic woman. (See "Bi-Curious," "Cruiser," "GG" and "Troll.")

C.W.A.D.: The initials for "Chick With A Dick." A synonym for "shemale" and another very bad word. Like "shemale," CWAD implies and assumes a transsexual woman is an aberration and a sexual fetish; a gay man with breasts, not a "real" woman. (See "Fetish" and "Shemale.")

Cyber: Cyber-Sex. Essentially, talking dirty on the computer or telephone so a troll can get his jollies without paying $3.95 a minute. (See "Phone Sex.")

Diesel Dyke: (1) A lesbian truck driver. (2) A lesbian who presents as particularly masculine. (See "Dyke," "Transbian," and "Trans-Dyke.")

Dilation: Using a dilator to keep the neo-vagina in good shape and from collapsing. (See "Dilator," "Dildo," and "Neo-Vagina.")

Dilator: A medical device, also called a "stent." A plastic rod, rounded on one end, that is inserted into the neo-vagina to keep it properly expanded and to prevent collapse and/or atrophy. Usually sold and used in sets. Note: A dilator is not the same thing as a "dildo," which is a sex toy. (See "Dildo.")

Dildo: A sex toy inserted into the vagina for sexual pleasure from internal vaginal massage. Dildos come in a variety of shapes, made of a number of different materials. Should not be confused with dilators. (See "Dilator" and "Dilation.")

Drag: Wearing the clothes of the opposite sex. May be an acronym for "DRessed As (a) Girl." The term may be applied to either sex, but is usually associated with men dressing as women.

Drag King: A woman who dresses as a man; the female equivalent of a drag queen.

Drag Queen: A man who dresses as a woman, usually for the purposes of attracting attention or putting on a show. Drag queens typically over-exaggerate, wear too much makeup, gaudy or racy clothes, overly "feminine" mannerisms, etc.

Dyke: A vulgar synonym for a lesbian.

Electro: Short for "Electrolysis." Uses a fine wire probe and an electric current as a form of permanent removal of facial and other hair, to eliminate the need for shaving. Electro is a proven, permanent method of hair removal. Others, such as laser may not work in all cases. (See "Laser.")

Endo: Short for Endocrinologist. A medical doctor who specializes in the endocrine system, including the gonads. Endos are the ones who prescribe hormones and monitor both the levels of hormones in a transsexual's bloodstream and the effects they have on the body. These include potentially dangerous heart, liver and kidney problems, among others. For this reason, no one should experiment with hormones without an endocrinologist's supervision.

E.R.M.: Executive Room Monitor. The senior Room Monitors who are in charge of the other Room Monitors, as well as the chatroom in general. If you have a problem with an RM, tell the ERM. Their names are at the top of the RM roster on the chatroom page. (See "Conn," "RM," and "RMIC.")

Escort: A "companion for hire." Some escorts serve as guides and dinner or party companions for men who are traveling. For the most part, the term is a euphemism for a prostitute.

Estrogen: The hormone that makes women what they are, physically, and governs how the female body works. Estrogen is taken by transsexuals as part of transition. It softens the skin, promotes breast growth and other sex-related changes. (See "Hormones," "HRT" and "Transition.")

Female Impersonator: (1) A man who dresses as a woman as part of a stage act. (2) A drag queen. (3) A gay prostitute who dresses as a woman for the purpose of appealing to a certain kind of clientele. (4) A Katoey. (See "Drag Queen," and "Katoey.")

Fetish: (1) A religious object, like an idol or amulet. (2) An object which is inoffensive on its own, but which gets some people sexually excited. Such fetishes may include feet, shoes, panties and other feminine undergarments, assorted sex toys, paddles for spankings, leather, latex, and of course, pre-op and non-op transsexual women. (See "Pre-Op," "Non-Op," and "CWAD.")

F.F.S.: Short for Facial Feminization Surgery. Facial plastic surgery to alter the male facial features of an MTF transsexual to look more feminine. May include reducing eyebrow ridges, altering (usually narrowing or reducing the size) of the nose and chin, cheek implants and hairline alteration, among other things. (See "MTF.")

F.T.M.: a Female To Male transsexual; a person born anatomically female who identifies as a man and is planning to have SRS and phaloplasty. (See "Phaloplasty" and "SRS.")

Fuck-Tard: Also written "F*ck-Tard. A contraction of "Fuckin' Retard." (1) A pejorative word for a very stupid person. (2) A person, such as a troll, who has repeatedly been warned not to violate Room Rules and does so, anyway. (See "Cruiser," "Snert," and "Troll.")

Gay: (1) A homosexual man. (2) More generally, a person who prefers sex with someone of his own sex. (3) The community of homosexuals and lesbians. Contrary to common belief, transsexuals and gay people are not the same thing. (4) Joyful, light-hearted, happy and bright. An old meaning seldom used these days. (See "Homosexual" and "Lesbian.")

Gay Sex: Homosexual acts and the performance thereof.

Gender: Sometimes called "Brain Sex." Gender is one's psychological identity, rather than sexual anatomy. It is how a person sees him- or herself as male or female, irrespective of anatomical sex. Includes body image and preferred social role, etc. Sex and gender are distinctly different terms that are often confused and should not be used interchangeably, even though this often happens. (See "Sex.")

Gender Dimorphic Nucleus: Also called the GDN. A region of the lateral stria terminalis of the hypothalamus in the brain that governs sexual identity and behavior. This is thought to be the biological basis for homosexuality, lesbianism and transsexuality. In males, the GDN is typically four times larger than it is in females. Pre-natal hormone levels at a critical point of fetal brain development influence the GDN's size. If there is sufficient testosterone in the fetus's system, the GDN will develop to male size and the child will exhibit male sexual aggressiveness and a preference for sex with females, regardless of genetics and sex organs. If there is too little testosterone or too much estrogen, the GDN will be female-sized and the offspring will identify as female. Lesser extremes may result in a GDN that is somewhere between male and female size, and thus, homosexuality or lesbianism.

Gender Therapist: Commonly shortened to "Therapist." A psychotherapist who specializes in the treatment transsexuals and helping them with transition. The gender therapist has three functions: One is to help the patient resolve GID. Second, to help with and provide support during transition. Third, to identify and screen out those who should not transition and/or have SRS because of psychological instability or some other problem. (See "Psychotherapy" and "SRS.")

G.G.: "Genetic Girl." A person who was born anatomically female, with two X-chromosomes.

G.M.: "Genetic Male." A person born anatomically male, with X and Y-chromosomes.

G.I.D.: Short for Gender Identity Dysphoria. Confusion over and discomfort with one's sex and gender. Specifically, feeling that one was born with the wrong genitalia; someone born male who identifies as a female and feels "trapped in the wrong body." Sometimes called "Gender Identity Disorder," GID is a precursor condition to transsexuality. (See "Transsexuality.")

G.R.S.: Short for Gender (or Genital) Reassignment Surgery. (See "SRS.")

Hermaphrodite: An organism that has both male and female sex organs. (See "Intersexed.")

H.M.W.: Short for "Hitachi Magic Wand," a very powerful vibrator and superlatively good at stimulating female genitalia during masturbation. (See "B.O.B." and "Vibrator.")

Homosexual: A person who prefers having sexual relations with a person of his or her own sex. May be applied to either sex, but is most commonly used to refer to men.

Hormones: Synonym "'Mones." (1) Chemicals produced by the body that influence how it works; chemical messengers. (2) Sexual hormones like testosterone and androgen that cause a body to become or resemble a male -- strength and muscles, facial hair, aggressiveness -- and estrogen, which causes the body to be more feminine -- breasts, soft skin, nurturing instincts, the ability to cry at movies, etc. (3) "On hormones." Taking sex hormones. (See "HRT" and "'Mones.")

H.R.T.: Short for Hormone Replacement Therapy. (1) Taking sex hormones to replace those that are missing because of the removal of testicles or ovaries, or during menopause. (2) Taking sex hormones for the purpose of transforming the body's secondary sexual characteristics from one sex to the other.

Hysterectomy: The surgical removal of the uterus. Called a "salpingo-oophorectomy" when the uterus and ovaries are both removed. Hysterectomies are done on FTMs as part of a series of sex reassignment operations. (See "FTM," "GRS," and "SRS.")

Implants: Also called breast implants. (1) Plastic sacks filled with either silicone or saline solution implanted under the skin or the chest muscles used to reconstruct breasts lost to cancer surgery or other disease. (2) Using implants to enhance the breasts for cosmetic reasons. (3) Having surgery to place implants; also called "Mammoplasty."

Intersexed: (1) Having some or all of the sex organs of both sexes (a hermaphrodite.) (2) Ambiguous sexual organs that are not distinctly male or female. (3) A person whose external genitalia appear to belong to one sex, while they have the reproductive organs of the other. (4) Persons who have a conditions such as Androgen Insensitivity that make them appear to be anatomically female, while still being genetically X-Y male and may have no reproductive organs at all. (5) A person who has some or all of those characteristics. (See "Hermaphrodite.")

Katie: (1)The generous and patient soul who owns, runs and maintains the TSG website and chatroom. Sometimes called "The Boss." (2) The ultimate and final arbiter of assorted squabbles and complaints. (3) She can undo a chatroom ban. Email her at tsgirlfriend4me@gmail.com if you have a problem.

Katoey: An Asian (Thai) term for a transsexual, female impersonator or a "ladyboy." (See "Drag Queen," "Shemale" and "Tranny Boy.")

Ladyboy: (1) In the USA, it is an offensive word used to describe a transsexual. (2) A female impersonator, especially an effeminate one. (3) A synonym for "katoey." (See "Drag Queen," "Katoey," "Shemale" and "Tranny Boy.")

Laser: Short for Laser Hair Removal. Using a laser light to burn away unwanted hair and the hair follicles, possibly permanently. (Note: Laser does not work in all cases. Laser hair removal works by heating the hair with laser light to burn it away and possibly destroy the follicle. In people with light-colored hair, like blonde or gray, the light may be partially reflected, or not absorb enough energy to burn off.)

Lesbian: A female homosexual; a woman who prefers and enjoys sexual relations with other women. This word is used only to describe women and is not applied to men. (See "Homosexual.")

Looking: A synonym for "curious" but without the pretense of seeking information. A man who says he is "looking" is looking for sex. (See "Bi-Curious," "Curious," "Cruising," and "Troll.")

MaryMN: (General manager) (1) She is a generous and patient ERM who runs and maintains the TSG chatroom. (2) She can also undo a chatroom ban. Email her at maryalanab@gmail.com if you have a problem.

Mastectomy: Surgical removal of the breast. Usually done as part of breast cancer treatment. Also performed on FTM transsexuals as part of a series of sex reassignment surgeries. (See "FTM," "GRS," and "SRS.")

M.T.F.: A Male-To-Female transsexual. A person who is born anatomically male, in the process of transitioning into a woman by HRT and SRS.

MichaelTSG: (1) The founder of the Transsexual Girlfriend site. (2) He has retired from the website and chat room May 2015.

'Mones: A common abbreviation of "Hormones." (See "Hormones.")

Neo-Vagina: The surgically-created vagina of a post-op transsexual woman.

Non-Op: A person who is or identifies as transsexual and is living as a member of the other sex but is not planning to have Sex Reassignment Surgery because of health problems, lack of money for the operation, or personal preference. Not to be confused with a drag king/queen or a homosexual.

Orchi: Also called an Orchidectomy. Castration, the surgical removal of the testicles. This operation is sometimes performed to reduce the amount of testosterone (which is produced by the testicles) in a transsexual woman's bloodstream, and thus dose of estrogen required. Derives from "orchid," a flower whose name derives from the Greek word for "scrotum," because some varieties of orchid flowers have a lower sac or chamber that look like a scrotum. If it has not already been done, an orchidectomy is performed as part of sex reassignment surgery. (See "Hormones," "SRS," and "Testosterone.")

Outed: Being publicly identified as a transsexual. A bad situation if it results in harassment abuses or lost of job or social situation. Sometimes done maliciously, although accidents do happen. (See "Clocked.")

Passing: For an MTF, looking and acting sufficiently feminine to be accepted as a woman without question or explanation. For an FTM, looking manly enough. (See "FTM," "MTF," "Read," and "Stealth.")

Phaloplasty: The creation of a penis as part of SRS for an FTM transsexual. (See "FTM.")

Phone Sex: Calling someone for the purpose of talking dirty to each other, getting each other sexually excited and to enhance the joy of masturbation. There are companies that charge for this "service" by the minute, but some cheapskates come into chatrooms thinking they can get it for free. (See "Cyber.")

Polling: Asking general questions of the whole room, or asking people in quick succession. Also, asking for personal information the same way.

Premarin: A form of estrogen used in HRT. Short for "PREgnant MARe urINe," from which the hormone is isolated. Sometimes called "horse pee pills." (See "HRT.")

Pre-Op: A transsexual in transition, especially one who is in the later stages, and is planning on having SRS in the future, time, health and funds permitting.

Post-Op: A transsexual who has had SRS.

Psychiatrist: A medical doctor trained in the treatment of psychiatric problems with a combination of psychotherapy and drugs.

Psychotherapy: Also called "therapy" for short. The process of consulting with a gender therapist in exploring one's sexuality and treating GID. After coming out, this is the second step in the process of transition -- coming to terms with GID, adapting to and surviving transition into the chosen new sex. Therapy is also a screening process, where the therapist determines if the patient is truly transsexual or something else, say, gay, a cross-dresser or delusional. (See GID and Gender Therapist.)

Read: Being identified as a transsexual, and sometimes, publicly identified as one. (See "Clocked" and "Outed.")

R.F.L.: (Pronounced "are-full," a bit like "awful.") Short for "Religious Fundamentalist Lunatic." A person who subscribes to extremely conservative or reactionary religious doctrine based on a literal reading of the Holy Scriptures, and often a misinterpretation thereof; especially one who insists on inflicting his own narrow religious views on others. Examples: Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Fred "GOD HATES FAGS" Phelps and whoever's been stoking Osama bin Ladin's fires.

R.M.: A Room Monitor -- the folks whose names are in bold type in the room roster. RMs are in charge of keeping the peace, enforcing the Room Rules and removing offenders, if need be. The RM in charge, and with first say in enforcing the Room Rules is the RM with the "conn," sometimes labeled RMIC or a similar suffix. (See "Conn," "ERM," "RMIC," and "Room Rules.")

R.M.I.C.: Room Monitor In Charge. The RMIC is the Room Monitor who has the "conn" and is responsible for greeting neophytes. Also has first dibs on kicking pests. Any problems should be referred to the RMIC, rather than "dealt with" by arguing with the offender yourself. Other variants: MIC, LadyInCharge, etc. (See Conn, ERM, and RM.)

Room Rules: The TSG Chat code of visitor behavior, posted on the chatroom page, enforced by the Room Monitors. (See "Broadcasting," "RM," and "ERM.")

R.T.L.: Short for "Real Time Living." The period of a transsexual's transition from one sex to the other where he or she lives full-time as the new, chosen sex. Includes dressing, working and living full-time as the new sex. RTL begins after several months on HRT as a test of the transsexual's ability to live as the new sex and for many, the final step before SRS. This is also the time when some people decide not to finish transition and may go back to living in their birth sex. (See "HRT," "SRS," and "SOC.")

S.O.C.: The "Standards Of Care" of transsexual people in transition. The guide for treating and helping transsexuals deal with GID, transition, hormones, surgery, etc., and the emotional and social upheavals that go with them. (See "Benjamin Standards.")

Sex: (1) The physical anatomy of the genitalia; the organs of reproduction. Not to be confused with gender (See "Gender"), which is the psychological identification with a particular sex and its social role, etc. (2) The act of copulation and/or stimulation of the genitals in various ways.

Sex Change: Sex Reassignment Surgery. (See "SRS.")

Shemale: A term coined by the pornography industry to refer to what are, essentially, effeminate gay men with breasts. The word is often used to describe pre-op transsexual porn performers and prostitutes. Also used by religious fundamentalists and other transphobes as a term of derision. A very bad word in the transgender community.

Sissy Boy: (1) A pejorative term for a transsexual. (2) An effeminate man, especially an effeminate homosexual. (3) A man who enjoys being "forced" to act like a little girl as part of a BDSM ritual. (See "BDSM," "Drag Queen," "Homosexual," "Transsexual.")

Snert: A very annoying person who comes into a chatroom with the intention of disrupting the conversation and infuriating the other chatters. There are many, many theories as to what "SNERT" might mean. You're free to look them up on the Net or invent your own.

Spironolactone: Commonly called "Spiro." The brand name for Aldactone. A diuretic developed to reduce the amount of water in the body, as a treatment for high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, kidney disease and the like. Spironolactone is also used to counteract the effects of excessive adrenal aldosterone production. Male-To-Female transsexuals take spirnolactone to reduce the influence of the male hormone, testosterone, to enhance the effect of estrogen during HRT before sex reassignment surgery. (See :Adalactone," "Estrogen," "HRT," and "SRS.")

S.R.S.: Short for Sex Reassignment Surgery. The surgical alteration of the genitals to resemble those of a transsexual's preferred sex. This includes removing the original genitals and creation of a neo-vagina in an MTF, or phallus and scrotum for an FTM. In the case of MTFs, SRS may be performed either in one procedure, where both the neo-vagina and labia are created at the same time; or as two procedures, where the first creates the neo-vagina and the second creates or enhances the labia. Also called GRS, Phalloplasty or Vaginoplasty, depending on whether the patient is FTM or MTF. (See "FTM," "MTF," "GRS," "Phaloplasty," "Vaginoplasty.")

Stealth: Living and trying to be accepted as a member of the chosen sex without drawing attention to the fact one is transsexual. (See "Passing.")

Testosterone: A male hormone that makes men what they are, physically. Female-To-Male transsexuals take testosterone to build muscle, grow facial hair, deepen the voice and other male-specific characteristics. (See "FTM" and "Hormones.")

Toniln-47: (Co-manager) (1) She is a generous and patient ERM who handles all Chat Room Disputes. Email her at Disputes4TSG@gmail.com for all disputes. (2) She can also undo a chatroom ban. Email her at toniln47@gmail.com if you have a problem.

T.G.: Short for Transgender. An all-inclusive term for almost anyone who does not fit into narrowly defined sex/gender roles. Includes all phases of GID, pre-op, post-op and non-op transsexuals, cross-dressers, transvestites and, by a little stretch of the imagination, even drag queens. Transgender does not include genetically male or female gay people. (See "GID," "Pre-Op," "Post-Op," "Non-Op," "Drag Queen," and "Gay.")

T-3: Short for "Trannier Than Thou." A person who looks scornfully on anyone who is not as far along in transition or as perfectly feminine and/or "passable" as they are. A transsexual snob. The transsexual equivalent of being "holier than thou."

Transbian: A Male-To-Female transsexual who identifies as a lesbian and is attracted to women, especially other Male-To-Female transsexuals. (See "Dyke," "Diesel Dyke" and "TransDyke.")

Trans-Dyke: A Male-To-Female transsexual who identifies as a lesbian and is attracted to women, especially other Male-To-Female transsexuals. (See "Dyke," "Diesel Dyke" and "Transbian.")

transgender: (1) A very broad, all-inclusive term for anyone not fitting specifically into the traditional "male" or "female" roles. "transgender" can be stretched to include everyone from homosexuals and occasional transvestites and drag queens to real transsexuals. Because it is so broad and so vague, some transsexuals and intersexed people find the term offensive and object to its use and their inclusion in it. (2) A person who remains anatomically one sex, but dresses as and lives the role of the other. (See "Hermaphrodite" and "Intersexed.")

Transition: The period between living life in one's birth sex and having SRS. This time includes psychotherapy, hormone replacement therapy and real time living. (See "SRS," "HRT," and "RTL.")

Trans-Man: The specific term for a Female-To-Male transsexual. ( See "FTM.")

Trans-Phobia: Akin to homophobia, and often one-in-the-same with it. The unreasoning fear of transsexuals by some people, on religious or personal grounds. Often the result of false assumptions and inaccurate information.

Transsexual: (1) A person suffering with GID (See "GID") who identifies as the other sex and is planning on having SRS (See SRS). (2) A person of one sex who identifies as the other sex. (3) (commonly) A post-op transsexual. "Transsexual" is the combination of the prefix "Trans," meaning "between" or "across," and "Sexual," meaning "pertaining to sex or sex organs." Thus, a transsexual is someone who is figuratively or literally "between" sexes -- born anatomically one sex and transitioning into the other.

Tranny/Trannie: (1) An abbreviated word for "transsexual." (2) An offensive slur akin to "shemale," which suggests the user can't tell the difference between a woman and a car part, the way the "N-Word" is offensive to African-Americans. Not quite as bad as "shemale," but close, in its offensive nature. (3) A slang word for a transvestite. (4) An abbreviation for an automobile's transmission. (See "Female Impersonator," "Shemale," "Transvestite," "TV," or your local car repair shop.)

Tranny Boy: (1) A Female-To-Male transsexual. (2) Specifically a pre-op FTM. (3) A pejorative term for a transsexual. (4) A female impersonator, drag queen or a man who presents himself as a female. (See "Drag Queen," "FTM," "Intersexed," "Ladyboy," "Katoey," and "Shemale.")

Transvestite: A person who occasionally wears clothes of the opposite sex. Some do it because they like the feel of the clothes. For others, it's a way of "stepping out of themselves" as a relief from the tensions of daily life. Many, though, "dress" for the illicit, kinky, erotic excitement of wearing the clothes of the other sex and may be aroused by doing so. A transvestite is not the same thing as a cross-dresser, who wears the clothes of the opposite sex most of the time. (See Cross-Dresser.)

Troll: An annoying creature that comes into a chatroom, hoping to find sex. Derives from the term, "troll," as in "trolling for fish." (See "Broadcasting," "Cruiser," "Fuck-Tard," and "Snert.")

Trolling: What a troll does -- asking people for sex, in one way or another, sometimes individually, often by broadcasting general questions to the whole group. Derives from "trolling" in the sense of fishing from a slow-moving boat.

Urban Dictionary: An online dictionary of slang and street words and terms, as defined by users of the service who have written those definitions. A useful website. The URL is http://www.urbandictionary.com/.

Vaginoplasty: Another name for male-to-female sex reassignment surgery. (See "MTF" "GRS," and "SRS.")

Vibrator: (1) A massage device. (2) A sex toy for women. It stimulates the female genitalia by vibrating massage. Using a vibrator is a form of feminine masturbation. (See "B.O.B." and "HMW.")

Web Cam: A small television camera attached to a computer for the purpose of putting low-resolution still and moving pictures on the Internet. Web cams are not, in themselves, bad. However, trolls looking for cyber sex ask for web cam "conversations" so they can gawk at their partners and send out pictures of themselves committing lewd acts. (See "Cam.")

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Transsexual & Transgender Glossary
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TS Women & the First Date
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When, Why & How to Tell Him That You're a Transsexual

Why Men Run from Relationships With Transsexual Ladies & What to Do About It

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The topic of this page is the Transsexual and Transgender Glossary.