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By- MichaelTSG

Guys, have you been looking to meet transsexuals? Have you had an unfortunate encounter in our chatroom? If it looks like we cut off all avenues to quickly try to meet transsexuals here, you're right. We did. Unfair, you say? Not really. You just don't understand how things work at TSG chat.

Allow me to draw you a couple of pictures.

Party Situation 1:

Let's pretend that you, a man, have been invited to a cocktail party at the home of someone you have met elsewhere but really don't know well.

You arrive, greet the host, and survey the crowd. You pour a glass of Chardonnay and mix to see who looks interesting. Your eyes fall upon an attractive red-headed woman across the room. Wow, you think to yourself, she's interesting. You work your way across the room to her. You check your hair in a mirror. She is wearing an attractive green dress, perfect makeup and lovely earrings. You think, what an amazing looking woman. You walk up to her, her eyes turn to you.

Our transsexuals will appreciate it if you behave here as you would at any sophisticated cocktail party.You think to yourself, I know how to get this girl.

"Hi," you say with a smile. "I am Big Dick John and I want to see your tits. Let's go somewhere private so I can play with them, then I want you to jerk me off, and then I want your cell phone number so we can meet again."

Shocked and stunned, she shouts at you to get the hell away from her. The host and four other men suddenly grab and rush you toward the door as you spill the drink all over yourself.

Fact 1: Typical chatroom behavior does not translate well into real-life social situations.

Our website is devoted to the topic of male-to-female transsexuals and men in relationships. Our chatroom is a kind of online cocktail party and it operates much like any such party in the real world. It is designed to enable real and meaningful contact between men and transsexuals.

Party Situation 2:

You're at another party, you would like to meet some pretty transsexuals but you're in a big rush. You don't wish to spend any more time here than you absolutely need to. You look at your watch. Time's a wasting. You know that conversations can take time, more time than you wish to spend getting to know someone.

You think to yourself, I need to be very efficient. After all, there are more parties to visit tonight. More "prospects" to meet.

You grab a chair, stand on it so you can survey the crowd, and you say loudly: "I need your attention, please. I can only be here for five more minutes. I am Bruce, 36 years old and I live at 4422 E. Olive St. I would like to meet any transsexuals who live within three miles of me. My phone number is 555-6821. Please contact me right away to start a relationship. Thanks!"

As the crowd wonders what kind of insensitive doofus goes trolling an entire social gathering for a "relationship," you hop down off the chair. You look at your watch. Four and a half minutes to wait.

The host comes over.

"That is not the way to meet women. What the hell is the matter with you, man?"

Think about it. Have you ever gotten a date with anyone by trolling a chatroom? That exercise is what we call typical chatroom behavior.

Fact 2: Typical chatroom behavior will be immediately stopped here.

Let's examine the cocktail party incidents. Why did these typical chatroom come-ons not succeed? Because in real life there are consequences to stupid and rude behavior. The reason this article exists is because we have a chatroom in which there are also consequences to stupid and rude behavior. What you are reading right now is your survival guide to the TSG chatroom. These are the keys to the kingdom, buddy, so pay attention.

The fine transsexuals who visit our chatroom are protected around the clock by a lot of Room Monitors (RM's). These people are volunteers who have the tools to do a number of things, including ejecting and banning people from the room. Room Monitors' names are in bold type in the names list on the right side of the chat window.

Each Room Monitor has a detailed set of instructions to follow. It is the Room Monitors who run the room. They are in charge and report only to me. They are to uniformly and effectively enforce the Room Rules. They have orders to not tolerate disruptive behavior or disobedience from visitors. You may not argue with, mock, disrespect or attack a Room Monitor. At the very least, you will be ejected very quickly.

The whole point of all the Room Rules is to enable the transsexuals who visit the room, as well as the men, to talk without being interrupted by rude people. Most of them would like to meet a good man. They are aware that many excellent romantic relationships have developed in the TSG chatroom.

Men who are accustomed to other chatrooms often find TSG chat very disorienting. It seems that the Room Rules choke off every avenue they might ordinarily use to talk to transsexuals present. And that is correct. The Room Monitors will not let you get away with the stuff you are accustomed to doing elsewhere.

At a cocktail party, you won't ever approach the host and complain that his household rules prevent you from seeing some girl's tits. In our chatroom, you never want to complain to the RM's that we prevent you from talking to girls. In either case, whether at the real-life party or online in our chatroom, the host or the RM will very likely throw you out for being stupid and offensive.

The purpose of our chatroom is to allow real conversation to occur. Let's define that. What is "real conversation"? A real conversation enables the participants to get to know each other in a real way. We enable this by lowering the extraneous "noise level" in the room so real, actual conversation can take place. People in our chatroom can easily and freely talk about almost anything they wish. Many times, hours go by before a Room Monitor needs to intervene to stop the misbehavior of a new arrival.

Having the Room Monitors enforce strict rules is the only way we can have an open and public chatroom that is clean and decent.

Dispelling untruths about talking to transsexuals in TSG chat:

  • You can't tell anyone how old you are or where you are located. Truth: Put your age, gender and location info in your user name (Tony-26-NYC). If someone asks you a question about any personal info, you are perfectly free to answer it. What you cannot do is announce that info to the whole room in a message without being prompted for it.
  • You can't ask our transsexuals their location, age, etc. Truth: Yes you can. You can ask one person at a time. You cannot ask everyone in the room at once. That is "broadcasting" and it interrupts chat.
  • You can't send a private message without getting yelled at. Truth: You need to ask the person in room chat for permission to PM. If she says yes, go for it. Ask one person at a time for a PM, don't broadcast to the room that you want to PM with somebody.
  • You can't talk with our transsexuals about sex. Truth: You can talk about sex. You just can't get raunchy, offensive or proposition anyone for sex.
  • TSG chat is only for prudes. Truth: TSG chat is a refuge for transsexuals and the rules are designed to protect them and the conversations which occur here. Most who chat here are not prudes. Those who say such things misunderstand how the rules work. If you are among them, join the chat and ask MichaelTSG or any Room Monitor for clarification about what you can do.
  • You can't post messages looking for girls. Truth: Focus on one girl at a time. We prohibit "trolling" behavior because it is not sincere, it won't help you find a girlfriend in the real world and it interferes with the flow of chat. Trolling behavior is only about phone sex, cam sex, cyber sex and obtaining pictures.

When the Room Monitors order someone to stop trolling, often we hear, "But how can I meet someone local if I can't ask where they are?" To those who will ask that question, you are missing the point. Be patient in this chatroom. If you cannot be patient, leave before you get thrown out. If you enter the room and go trolling, you will be immediately stopped or kicked out. Don't even try it.

Meet great trannsexuals in our TS chatroom. But mind your manners.Do not make a user name out of a website URL or email address. It is advertising and is not allowed. Don't even attempt to create an offensive name, such as Denver_Big_Dick. You may think you are impressing everyone, but all the transsexuals here are aware you are seconds away from being thrown out, and they will find it very amusing that you could be so incredibly dumb.

You can watch the current room conversation and join in when you feel like it. The way to win in our chatroom is to be relaxed and patient. If you are unsure about how things happen here, just hang out, observe and learn. Lower your anxiety level and expect to spend hours here talking to folks. The better people get to know you, the more friends you will have. There is an excellent chance one of them will become more than just a chatroom friend.

Let's return to the cocktail parties, but this time you will behave correctly.

You would:

  • Wear a smile, circulate in the group, be friendly, join a conversation.Introduce yourself, perhaps it is John Jacobs.
  • You would listen to what the others are saying and join in when you have something to contribute.
  • Your comments would be respectful.

If you found someone interesting and wanted to talk with her, you would:

  • Approach her and be polite and friendly.
  • Introduce yourself: "Hi, I am John Jacobs. And you are...?"
  • Talk about what she and you do for a living.
  • Ask about the kinds of things that interest her.
  • Ask about things that happen in her life.
  • Respond with information about yourself.

If you two decided to talk more, in private, you would agree to go off somewhere to talk.

Many relationships have begun in our free transsexual chat. This is the best, most popular free transsexual dating and relationship chat in the world. Check it out today!

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It's the same in our chatroom. Again, unlike in practically every other chatroom you have been in, there are consequences for bad behavior. Misbehave and at the very least, you will get yelled at by everyone in the room. At the worst, you will be banned forever and be unable to return.

This is the best place in the world to meet transsexuals of quality. No escorts, no hookers at all. None of them are interested in meeting guys trolling for sex or pictures. Don't blow your chances right at the beginning of your adventure in TSG chat.

To succeed here, you need to be friendly, decent, patient and willing to contribute to the conversation. If you cannot do that, then you don't belong here. You will not score. You will not talk to any hot babes. You won't get any nude pictures. And you will get shot through the heart by a Room Monitor the moment he or she figures out what you are up to.

NEXT: Read the article on How to Date the Pre-Op Transsexual Woman. If you're serious about dating a transsexual, it's important, go read it.

I reserve all publication rights on this article, but feel free to forward it to anyone you like. Copyright 2004, all publication rights reserved.

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